Salida’s Longfellow Elementary School fourth-grade choir presented their underwater extravaganza, “Go Fish,” Thursday evening.

Portraying a variety of sea creatures, the choir presented a story about a tiger shark, Nieve Naccarato, who, unlike the other sharks, wants friends.

She falls in with a group of other “unique” fish and realizes they all have their uniqueness in common – from the out-of-tune tuna, Elliana Veltri, to the spotted zebra fish, Maddie Bowers.

Group numbers by the clown fish, sharks, sea horses and snappers were entertaining and showcased some fun dancing.

Hudson Blondeau performed a piano solo, “Carousel Capers.”

The choir was under the direction of Longfellow music teacher Jennifer Giangiulio. The musical play was by John Jacobson and John Higgins.

Members of the fourth-grade choir include: Blake Bennett, Dakota Binkley, Hudson Blondeau. Dakota Boggs, Maddie Bowers, Vivian Brown, Briggs Buchanan, Ashley Castillo-Flores, Sophia Chou-Messa, Owen Cozart;

Aberdeen Goehl, Ellis Haarmeyer, Scarlett Herrmann, Chloe Houghton, Sean Jefferson, Oren Johnson, Zelah Kahn, Henry Koch, Radisen Lawrence, Denari LuJan;

Brooklyn Martinez, McKinley McGovern, Amalia McNeirney, Griffin Melia, Spencer Morgavan, Nieve Naccarato, Sara Nay, Tayla Schley, Presley Schwarz, Kai Sh’Boe;

Sam Smith, Tegan Smith, Tinleigh Smith, Lily Sparks, Stoy Streepey, Abi Taliaferro, McQueen Tara, Kylie Taverna, Anna Vanleuken, Elliana Veltri, Harper Veltri, Myles Waters, Tever Welsch-Rawek and Alivia White.

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