Permits for cutting Christmas trees on Bureau of Land Management lands will be available from the Royal Gorge Field Office in Cañon City and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Visitor Center in Salida, beginning Monday.

Permits cost $10 per tree and are limited to two trees per household. Permits may be purchased online at, or they may be purchased in person or by phone between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Permit sales run through Dec. 24 or the last business day before Dec. 25.

“With the purchase of a permit, families can take part in the time-honored tradition of selecting and cutting their own holiday tree,” Royal Gorge Field Manager Keith Berger said in a press release. 

“We recommend bringing along a hand saw, rope or twine, extra food, water and blankets when you cut your tree. You should be prepared for winter weather with warm clothes and boots, tire chains, a shovel and emergency supplies.”

Christmas tree cutting is permitted on most BLM-administered lands within the Royal Gorge Field Office with the following exceptions: wilderness study areas, Research Natural Areas, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Browns Canyon National Monument, AHRA, developed recreation sites and other areas posted closed to fuelwood or firewood cutting. 

A variety of tree species are available, depending on the cutting location. Maps of closed and recommended harvest areas are available with purchase of a permit.

For more information about Christmas tree cutting on BLM lands, call the Royal Gorge Field Office at 719-269-8500.

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