Women Who Care donate $10,600 to Full Circle

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Full Circle Restorative Justice receives a donation of $10,600 toward their new Transformative Community Conversations program from Chaffee County Women Who Care. The charitable organization has given $91,300 to nonprofits in Chaffee County since its inception in October of 2018. From left: Karen Lundberg, Pam Groebne, Bevery Kampen, Kimberly Parker, Ken Matthews, Lesley Futon and Stephanie Jones.


Full Circle Restorative Justice was awarded $10,600 by the Chaffee County Women Who Care toward the new Transformative Community Conversations program. 

The restorative justice group provides mediation for conflicts in which parties develop a written agreement which addresses the issues and focuses on repairing the harm done, by means of restitution, community service, and other sanctions.

Programs include victim-offender conferencing and restorative circles and school programs focused on bullying prevention and intervention and school culture.

The new program allows for the opportunity for Full Circle Restorative Justice to be the center for conflict transformation in Chaffee County.

The City of Salida recently received a micro grant from the Restorative Justice Council to hire Full Circle Restorative Justice to facilitate important community conversations arising in various local convenings. 

The Transformative Community Conversations program is a result of those conversations and requests. 

For more information about how to become a member of Chaffee County Women Who Care or how to receive a donation, contact Karen Lundberg at klundberg@centurylink.net.

Log on to https://fullcirclerj.org/ for more information. 

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