Flying friends

Merry Cox helped her flying friends (birds and insects) by selling prayer flags to call attention to the plight of pollinators.

Smeltertown artist, Merry Cox was able to give a gift of 199 trees to her feathered and winged friends, the birds, bee and insects, this Christmas through the sale of her prayer flags.

The plight of the birds, bees and other insects affects all of us, Cox said. Flowering plants depend on pollinators and pollinators are being threatened by the use of herbicides, pesticides and development.

Cox’s art involves birds and other flying creatures. So for a Black Friday sale this year, she offered a 15 percent discount to customers and took another six percent off the sale and donated it to an organization called One Tree Planted. More information can be found on their website at

One Tree Planted purchases trees for Colorado from the Colorado State Forest Service,” Cox said. “Donors can choose where they want the native trees planted but most of the time they just ask for them to be planted where they are needed the most.”

Through her donations, at one dollar per tree, Cox was able to purchase 199 trees.

She also plants habitat around her home and studio in Smeltertown to attract birds and insects.

“Trees are planted to restore damaged eco systems, “she said. “Planting after a forest fire is one example. We also plant to create habitat and do what is necessary for the environment. Our lives depend on plants and pollinators.”

She likes designing art work and combines that with her love of the birds and bees.

“My favorite thing is designing new birds, flowers and trees to put in my art work,” she said.              

More information about Merry Cox can be found at   

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