P.T. Wood

Salida Mayor P.T. Wood issued a statement to the community Sunday outlining things he said Salidans “should pay attention to right now.”

His statement reads, in part:

“… First, while we are discouraging visitors from out of town, some of them have a legitimate reason to be here. Please try to be kind and graceful to anyone riding this pandemic out in Chaffee County.

“I have been spending some time out seeing what is going on, and I must thank the vast majority of you that are doing this right – keep it up and we will get through this sooner than later.

“To those that have yet to take this seriously, please do. The sooner we all get on board with the appropriate behavior, the sooner we come out the other side of this.

“Check in on your neighbor, be it a phone call, a shout across the fence or patio or a wave from afar. It doesn’t matter the form – what matters is that we are reaching out and helping each other right now. We are rightfully scared, alone, and some of us are sick. Community has never been so important as in times such as these. Go out on your porch and sing, dance, wave, share poetry and be amazing.

“Plant a garden.

“Wear a face mask when you go out.

“Wash your hands.

“Remember the people you live with are your people. You need each other right now, take a deep breath and remember that, now more than ever.

“We are all working really hard on this.

“A huge thanks to the folks at the grocery stores, convenience stores, the police and fire departments, Chaffee County EMS, the sheriff’s department, State Patrol, all our nurses and doctors, the team at CDOT, our United States Postal Service carriers, our city team from Public Works to Parks to Administration and everyone else I failed to mention.

“These are the frontline heroes that are holding our community together and giving us at least some semblance of normal. …”

For the full text of Wood’s statement, visit cityofsalida.com.

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