The U.S. Forest Service placed Stage 2 fire restrictions and recreational shooting restrictions to the South Platte, Pikes Peak and South Park Ranger Districts Wednesday.

These restrictions will remain in effect for 28 days or until they are superseded or rescinded.

Salida and Leadville Ranger Districts will remain at Stage 1 fire restrictions until further notice.

Supervisor Diana M. Trujillo cited drought and wind conditions making fire danger in these districts more severe as being the reason the restrictions are being implemented. 

“As the cooler weather sets in, we encourage forest visitors to plan to use alternate ways of staying warm and cooking food while camping and recreating on National Forest System lands,” Trujillo said. 

USFS Stage 2 fire restrictions are as follows:

• Portable stoves, gas grills and any propane gas device with an on and off switch are allowed. 

• Smoking inside an enclosed vehicle, building or trailer is allowed. 

• Campfires, fire pits, charcoal grills or barbecues, coal, wood or sheepherder’s stoves, or any other open flames are prohibited anywhere on National Forest land.

• Approved spark arresting device and fire extinguishers are required when operating a chainsaw.

• Welding machines or other open flame torches and use of explosives, including fireworks is prohibited. 

Recreational shooting restrictions are as follows. 

• Discharge of a firearm, air rifle or gas gun is prohibited except when actively engaged in hunting. 

Restrictions are enforceable by fine or imprisonment of not more than six months or both. 

Visitors are responsible to understand the full restrictions and any additional fire restrictions implemented by counties adjacent to Forest Service lands in Colorado. 


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