Ramblin’ Roy Smith

Former Salida resident Ramblin’ Roy Smith will sign his art book Dec. 7 at Peralta Projects in Denver.


Former Salida resident Ramblin’ Roy Smith announced a book of his art, titled “Last Train for Freedom Leavin’ Town,” will be released at a signing and exhibition at 6 p.m. Dec. 7 in Denver

The exhibition will be at Peralta Projects, a contemporary garage art gallery at 7047 Elati St. in Denver’s La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The exhibition continues through December and is presented in collaboration with Saguache’s “The Range” and curated by artist Adrienne Garbini.

Smith is a longtime cowboy, blues musician, miner, civil rights activist, film actor, public speaker, antiques dealer and hobo. He has traveled the world sharing his stories and art.

His home, “Royville,” in the San Luis Valley is a continuously evolving art environment with hundreds of artworks and structures. He has a deep affection for wood, plastic and metal and works with the transformation of sun, water and fire in a profusion of objects, often held together by glue. His sculpture is collage, fusing the material of experience into portraits of history.

“Last Train for Freedom Leavin’ Town” is published by What Nothing Press and features photographs of Royville, selected sculptures from his summer 2018 exhibition at The Range in Saguache and objects from his archives. It includes a short text by Smith and a poem by artist Gaby Wolodarski.

The book sells for $30 plus shipping and can be purchased at whatnothingpress.com.

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