Cari Luchetta and Jennifer Crawford

Cari Luchetta, left, and Jennifer Crawford of Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Visitor Center await visitors Tuesday at the recreation area office. AHRA Visitor Center currently remains open for business and to assist visitors and recreationists in the area.

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Visitor Center, 307 W. Sackett Ave., is open for business as usual for the time being, although AHRA Park Manager Rob White said people are being encouraged to handle purchases by phone or online if possible.

“Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging everybody to get outside, so we are here to support,” administrative assistant Jennifer Crawford said.

A press release from CPW stated the current goal is to minimize effects of COVID-19 on recreation experiences in Colorado, and at this time no parks have been closed.

Crawford said they have had several people come in to renew their OHV permit and buy fishing licenses.

The 2020 fishing license is available early this year and is good until March 31, 2021, Crawford said.

To keep staff safe, there is a mandatory hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the building and the front desk has been extended to 6 feet wide with an extra table, but otherwise the office is ready to help visitors and recreationists.

For those who might be ill or choose not to come into the office, there are options for services by phone or online.

CPW purchases may be made at 303-297-1192 or at

CPW announced it will be waiving fees for changing and/or canceling camping reservations until further notice.

Guests should call the reservations call center or the park where they had a reservation and note they are canceling due to COVID-19. The call center or park can then handle the fee waiver, CPW stated.

Chaffee County is strongly discouraging recreational or leisure visitation.

Most of Chaffee County’s tourism-related businesses are currently closed or under reduced-service operations.

Those in transit who need a place to camp for the night may camp at an AHRA campground and pay the applicable fees.

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