Students in the Crest Academy seventh- and eighth-grade classes have been working on a display about Isaac William Haight for several months and set it in place Wednesday at the Salida Museum.

Haight lived from 1853 to 1933 and moved to Salida in 1880 when Salida was still known as South Arkansas. He built his home on Rainbow Avenue (now U.S. 50), was a partner in a furniture and undertaking business, commissioned the carving of the two lion statues that have guarded the entrance of Alpine Park since 1915, and had the frame cabin built at the top of Tenderfoot Mountain in the 1920s – among other accomplishments.

Sam Visitacion, a Crest Academy student, now lives in the historic home that was the inspiration for the project. A photo of the house, as it originally looked, is in the book “Trails Among the Columbine – A High Country History Anthology.”

“That photo was taken about 20 years after the house was built,” Visitacion said. “The fireplace is still the same and so is the crowning in the living room. We call it the Rainbow House because we’re on Rainbow Boulevard.”

The museum display is an annual project for the Crest Academy students, and the focus is always on a person who did something significant for Salida.

“It’s been pretty fun project,” said Amato Halenda, another student.

The Salida Museum is now closed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We’re hoping to be open in the spring, following COVID-19 guidelines,” said Larry Kovacic, museum treasurer.

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