140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 9, 1881: This place has been burdened with three names. The railroad authorities persist in calling it South Arkansas, the Postoffice Department would call it Arkansas, while the people incorporated the town as Salida. Numerous efforts have been made to get things changed and simplified, but with no effect.

Two or three weeks ago a letter was addressed to Senator Teller requesting him to use his influence with the Postoffice Department to get the name of the postoffice changed to Salida. It seems that Mr. Teller has complied with the request, and that his influence has gained a point, for the postmaster has been notified that the name of the office is to be changed to Salida, to take effect as soon as new bonds, etc., are made out, forwarded and accepted.

Now if the railroad company will only do likewise, make out their time cards and other papers to read Salida instead of South Arkansas, (for there is no such place as South Arkansas) the people will be truly thankful.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, April 12, 1921: On Wednesday evening, April 6th, the Salida Woman’s Club presented illustrations from Aida to an appreciative audience of members and guests which filled the club room. 

The program, under the direction of Mrs. F.N. Cochems, was the last of the year’s music study of the works by Verdi, and the climax of the club year.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, April 9, 1946: A new diesel switch engine will arrive in Salida this afternoon for services in the local Rio Grande yards. It is of the 1,000-horsepower type, which is equal in tractive power to the 100 class steam locomotives The engine is coming here from Grand Junction.

Fear of a coal shortage, plus the fact that Grand Junction had an engine to spare, caused the management to send the engine here. The railroad has a large quantity of coal stored for company use but probably not enough if the coal strike is prolonged.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 6, 1971: The first and only fiberglass covered swimming pool in Salida will be in operation at the end of this week at the Shawano Motel on U.S. 50, according to the managers Fred and Elsie Griffith. 

The 60 by 30 foot pool and building have been under construction for about two months. Griffith says the addition of the pool will not affect motel rates. 

He added that the ski season was very good for motel operators and that he anticipates a heavy summer trade judging from reservations.

25 years ago 

The Mountain Mail, April 4, 1996: The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office’s new youth resource officer might look familiar.

He’s Rob Martellaro, a Salida Police Department officer for three-and-a-half years who left the force for a job in Douglas County several months ago and returned to begin work with the Department of Social Services and the county’s schools three weeks ago.

Martellaro, who splits time between the social services department and the schools, has as his priority investigating crimes against juveniles.

When he’s not busy with those duties, he’ll be engaged with the other part of his job, working in Salida’s and Buena Vista’s schools.

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