140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Oct. 1, 1881: The electors of school district number seven, or at least a few of them, met at the office of the secretary of the board, N.E. Woolman, at two o’clock, September 30, for the purpose of considering the question of issuing bonds for the purpose of building a school house.

After an interchange of remarks it was found to be the opinion of those present that bonds should be issued to the full limit allowed by law, three per cent, on the taxable property in the district.

By vote of the qualified electors present it was decided that the amount of bonds to be voted for or against should be four thousand dollars.

The result was unanimous in favor of the bonds, and now we will have as good a school house as four thousand dollars will erect.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Oct. 4, 1921: It was 11 o’clock Sunday night and all was quiet except at 613 Park avenue. The neighbors were out with ladders and clothes line trying to get a cat off a tin roof.

All tricks failed and finally a call for the police was sent in.

Night Marshal Smith made a hurried trip in a car with Roy Rickmon. Mr. Smith donned his armor, so to speak, and holding a stove poker in his hand for a pike, ascended the ladder.

The pussy was downright glad to see him and jumped into his arms. He had crawled on the roof and could not get down. Hence he scratched on the tin roof to let the neighbors know he was there.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Sept. 28, 1946: Mrs. Betty Bromwich has been appointed manager of Montgomery Ward order office to succeed Mrs. Dorothy Almquist, whose resignation takes effect on November 12.

Mrs. Bromwich, an experienced sales clerk, will take her managership training at the Montgomery Ward order office in Cañon City.

Mrs. Almquist’s plans are indefinite.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 30, 1971: A certificate of need for a local nursing home was approved for 90 days at an executive meeting of the Salida Health Council, according to Mary Purdy, secretary for the organization.

Ted Jacobs, who is familiar with the plans for the proposed nursing home to be built by Kingsman, Inc., informed the health council group about the corporation’s plans.

The council felt obligated to support Kingsman, Inc. and their plans for the home.

The certificate was issued by Dr. Murray Wolst, the head of the nursing home and hospital division of the State Public Health Department.

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 30, 1996: Salida Elks Lodge made the most recent contribution to the Salida Regional Library building fund Thursday, when Exalted Ruler Roy Dedman purchased a brick for a donation of $255, earned with proceeds from the Elks Tuesday night benefit bingo.

The brick will be engraved with the Elks Lodge name.

Bricks purchased with the donations of $250 or more can have the name of the donor engraved on them and be built into the new addition of the library.

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