140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 9, 1881: Mr. Cheney, night watchman at the depot, said that about two o’clock Monday night a meteor “as large as a wash-tub” appeared in the southwest heavens and passed away out of sight over the range to the west.

During its presence on this side of the mountains it illuminated the whole country, making it as light as day.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, April 12, 1921: Arbor Day will be fittingly observed Friday afternoon at three o’clock by the planting of trees and appropriate exercises. The grades of the Longfellow school will each give a program and will plant a tree. The school board and Parent-Teachers’ association will each plant a tree.

The Central grade school will plant no trees at their building but twelve trees will be planted on the Longfellow grounds. The high school will plant five trees. The parents and patrons are invited to attend the exercises.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, April 11, 1946: Two girls, 13 years old and a third, 16, were stranded at First and F streets at 3 o’clock yesterday morning when Night Patrolmen Woodward and Painter came along. The police asked why the girls were out at that hour. The girls told the police they were cold and hungry. They admitted they had run away on April 8 from a state home at 2305 South Washington St., Denver.

The girls were taken to the women’s quarters and word was sent to the home. An official came yesterday afternoon with a station wagon and took the girls back to the home.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 12, 1971: The Salida School board will be faced with a choice of reducing services or hiking the property tax, if the level of state school funding remains at its current level of $460 per pupil, acting superintendent of schools Charles Melien says.

The Joint Budget Committee recommended the standstill figure, which the Senate approved. Thursday the House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to the appropriations bill and was expected to vote final approval on the measure.

Melien said at least 75 percent of the school districts in the state would be adversely affected by the state funding of $460 per pupil.

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 10, 1996: Police and fire officials conducted a search of the downtown area Tuesday morning in response to a bomb threat called in to the Triple M Lounge just before 11 a.m.

Authorities from the Salida Police Department, Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and Salida Fire Department blocked off lower F Street, searched downtown alleyways and went door-to-door asking business owners to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, after an adult male called the bar saying there was a bomb in a downtown business.

Assistant police chief Mike Sanchez speculated the call might have been made as a prank in response to yesterday’s finding of explosives in Riverside Park or, more seriously, in connection with the start of the Timothy McVeigh/Oklahoma City bombing trial in Denver Tuesday.

As of press time, no bomb was found.

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