140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Nov. 26, 1881: It has been suggested that a lyceum be organized for the winter season. Why not? 

Such an organization might be of benefit to some, others would have lots of fun, and then all the serious questions that are troubling the universe could be effectually settled. We second the motion.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Nov. 22, 1921: W.C. Kelm, painter and paper hanger, has purchased the two-story brick building on the North side of  East Second street between E and F streets, known us the Ruhlin terrace, which until recently was occupied by Mrs. Katherine Fagan. 

The building was owned by the Salida Building and Loan Association. 

The consideration was approximately $3,000.00. 

The building contains fourteen rooms and is ideally located for a rooming house. 

Mr. Kelm, who owns the building, where his business is located across the street, purchased the terrace as an investment.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Nov. 28, 1946: Chief Game Warden Alexander Hamilton will arrive in Salida today to assist Game Warden Lurton Holman with plans to protect the herd of antelope which recently have come into this region. 

The herds may remain here permanently and become a valuable attraction if they are properly treated, but Mr. Holman says people may drive them away or cause the death of many by being overfriendly. 

Antelope herds have been seen in the last few days at Dead Horse Gulch and between Salida and Wellsville. 

A small herd is on Methodist Mountain. 

There are more than 200 antelope in this area. 

The antelope came from their range on South Park, which is now covered with 18 inches of snow.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Nov. 19, 1971: Snowy weather and accompanying slick highways continue to extract their toll in traffic mishaps Thursday. 

In addition to several non-injury accidents in the city of Salida, a group of Fort Carson soldiers were involved in a spectacular crash on Trout Creek Pass near Johnson Village. 

According to the Colorado State Patrol, the GIs were part of an advance party from Fort Carson bound to the winter training quarters at Camp Hale near Leadville. 

The driver, Pfc. James Edison, 19, of Wichita Falls, Texas, said he was rounding an icy curve when the engine quit, sending the trailer into a fishtailing motion he was unable to control. 

Both Jeep and trailer left Highway 24 with the vehicle landing on top of the trailer.

25 years ago 

The Mountain Mail, Nov. 25, 1996: Salida Regional Library is four bricks closer to a full load this week, with the donation of four more commemorative bricks at $250 each. 

The staff at Longfellow Elementary School contributed toward the purchase of a brick and presented the money to Jeff Donlan, librarian, on Friday. 

“As teachers we realize the importance of the library as an enhancement to education, and we want to support it,” said Charles Rahe, student teacher. 

Chris Rhodes of Rhodes and Doyle Maintenance Inc. and Calvin Carothers of C.C. Excavating were called in to repair vandalism on the library sewer line. Instead of taking payment for their services, they each returned their checks to the library, adding enough to make up the $250 to purchase a brick each. 

Ed and Pat Haffey of Downtown Grocery presented the proceeds from their summer hot dog sales to the library and made up the difference to give a total of 250 and purchase a brick.

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