140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 15, 1881: The church sociable at the residence of J.P. Smith this week was a very enjoyable one, numerously attended by many of our best citizens. 

A very gratifying feature of the occasion was the attendance of quite a large number of children, and no pains were spared to have them enjoy themselves.

All are heartily welcome to these church socials and it is hoped that parents will encourage the little ones to attend.

Opportunities for their enjoyment here are few and it has been suggested that as soon as the new church building can be made comfortable that a series of entertainments be given for their amusement.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Jan. 21, 1921: The music lovers of Salida have a treat in store for them tonight at the high school auditorium. The third number of the splendid Lyceum course for this season is to be given by the Colleens. They are one of the best ladies’ quartets on the Lyceum platform, and their program is varied and high class.

The vocal numbers are taken from both the popular and standard operas. The program is varied with readings and instrumental numbers. An operetta completes this excellent evening’s entertainment.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Jan. 19, 1946: Lt. Robert Williams, navigator in the army air forces, now on terminal leave, after having served as a navigator in the European and Asian theatres, has joined his brother, Lt. David T. Williams, who was a partner of L.G. Davis in the D & M garage business. 

He recently purchased the interest of Mr. Davis who has taken over the management of the Salida Greenhouse and Flower Store. 

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 18, 1971: One of Salida’s oldest buildings, the Sherman Hotel, at the corner of First and G Streets, was sold at auction Saturday for $21,500 to Sam Post and Vince Wise.

Post heads Post Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Inc. on U.S. 50 and Wise is the general manager there.

Previous owner of the building was Mrs. Nina Heberer, 311 G Street. She and the Heberer family had owned the structure for 47 years.

At one time the building was the Red Cross hospital. 

Post said his immediate plans are to remodel the downstairs into offices, designed to suit the needs of any tenants who sign leases before the remodeling.

He may convert the upstairs into apartments, if the structure can withstand the alterations.

The two-story brick building contains 50 rooms, a private parking lot and 18 baths.

25 years ago 

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 19, 1996: Collegiate Peaks Bank, Salida Banking Center, at U.S. 50 and Holman Avenue, holds its grand opening celebration 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday with prizes, refreshments and balloons for the kids and an opportunity to work a Treasure Chest combination unlocking access to over 1,000 prizes. 

The celebration is actually in duplicate, since Collegiate Peaks Bank, Buena Vista Center, which changed hands last fall, is celebrating with Salida.

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