140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 4, 1880: We have it from the authority of Governor Hunt that a company will soon begin the work of laying pipes for the purpose of bringing hot water from Poncha Springs to this town.

How is that for high?

Every house in town can have its mineral bath room attached and people can be sick at home with just as much pleasure and comfort as they can away from home.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Aug. 31, 1920: D. Wren is the king of all birds when it comes to a foot race, as Charles Hicks will be glad to testify.

Hicks is wanted in Canyon City on a charge of stealing the clothing of Felix Baker in a rooming house in that City. Mr. Wren is a friend of Mr. Baker and when Mr Wren and his son we’re driving through Salida Sunday and saw Mr. Hicks standing at the corner of 1st and F streets, he left the car on the bound and was after Mr. Hicks.

But Mr. Hicks saw as quickly as he was seen. He also jumped as quickly as Mr. Wren and the race was on.

Up F Street to the alley, down to the D.&R.G. tracks, across to First Street and out the end of town.

Mr. Hicks set the pace with Mr. Wren filling his tracks.

Mr. Hicks reached the ballpark and before Mr. Wren could enter the gate, the fugitive had disappeared, but he was discovered in the sawdust in the Marvin Ice House.

Mr Wren turned him over to Marshal Blunkall. The sheriff of Fremont County came for the prisoner yesterday.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Aug. 30, 1945: The Jackson Hotel of Poncha Springs has recently been purchased by Ray Seese of Detroit, Mich.

The hotel housed Rudyard Kipling, Alexander Graham Ball, Billy the Kid and others.

It is rumored that the Hotel is crammed with relics of the Old West, most notable of which is a huge Grand Piano reportedly brought in by an ox team.

Mr. Seese states that visitors are cordially welcome to inspect the building and relics during the three day period of the Salida Old Timers Convention; after which it will be closed for decoration and repairs until spring.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 3, 1970: Narrow Gauge Engine 483 stoked back to life after years of disuse, chugged out of Antonito Wednesday headed for New Mexico.

The old train, towing some 33 antiquated cars behind, traveled 11 miles of the inaugural 64-mile run to Chama before officials called it quits. “Too many problems,” a spokesman said.

“There are a lot of problems,” New Mexico Railroad Authority member Eddie Vigil explained. “Weeds and grass have grown over the track and the train slips a lot. We are also towing a dead engine that must be greased every few hours or it will burn up from friction.”

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Aug. 28, 1995: Yesterday Salidan Tim Edwards was just a casual believer in unexplained phenomena.

But then he saw a UFO. That’s right, an unidentified flying object. A flying saucer.

“We observed it for at least an hour,” he said. “It just hovered in the sky, directly west of the sun.”

Some might say the 42-year old Salidan has spent too much time out under the sun, but he insists what he saw, and what he captured on video tape, was not from this planet. “With binoculars, you could see the red and green revolving lights,” he said. “It was the shape of a disk, and it moved incredibly fast.”

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