140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 23, 1881: William Canty, accused of killing officer Perkins at Buena Vista a year ago in this month, had his trial at Colorado springs this week on a change of venue.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree.

The motion for a new trial will be argued today.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, April 15, 1921: Twenty of the leading hotel men on the middle west will reach Salida Saturday, April 23, on Rio Grande train No. 2 and will be entertained here by the Salida Commercial Club.

These men are making a careful survey of the hotel situation in Colorado, familiarizing themselves with various auto routes, scenic attractions and other features leading up to a better and more thorough advertising campaign for the benefit of the tourist.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, April 16, 1946: Harold R. Koster informed the City council last night that the Federal Public Housing Authority is ready to furnish Salida with 25 to 50 houses, formerly the houses of army officers. The FPHA will bring the houses to Salida and erect them on city owned property. The City will be required to install water and sewer lines and lay sidewalks. After five years the houses become the property of the city. Meanwhile they will be rented.

The city council decided to make application for the houses. It is not certain whether they will be erected in Salida Hot Springs park or on a block of ground that the city will purchase for the purpose.

Since the city will have complete control over the houses they can be removed at the end of the five years if there is no housing shortage.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 22, 1971: Charles Melien was appointed superintendent of schools for School District R-32-J, and John Ophus named principal of Salida High School during an executive session of the regular meeting of the school board Tuesday night in the student center of the high school.

Melien had been acting school superintendent since the sudden death of Bill Andreas in January.

Ophus was acting principal of the junior and senior high schools.

The hiring of a principal for Kesner Junior High School is expected at the next meeting.

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, April 22, 1996: Broken appliances, mattresses, construction refuse and plain old household trash is piling up along the back roads of Chaffee County.

The Chaffee County Commissioners resolved last month to discuss the issue.

At their Tuesday business meeting this week, the item isn’t on the agenda, but it may come up.

Some local pundits have attributed the illegal dumping problem to the fees at the county landfill.

The landfill, however is operating as an enterprise and has to earn its own way. The cost of running the landfill is not paid for with general tax revenues, it’s paid for with the fees.

Meanwhile the number and extent of illegal dump sites continues to grow.

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