140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 8, 1881: A large force pump capable of throwing two one and a quarter inch streams man’d by twenty or thirty strong men stationed on the river bank at the foot of F street, with a pipe leading to a fire plug on the post office corner where two attachments of hose could be made, would afford excellent protection against fire for the business portion of town.

This simple contrivance would cost but a trifle and would have the effect of largely reducing insurance rates. A water power attachment could be made next summer at small cost and additional pipes and fire plugs could be added.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Jan. 18, 1921: The automobile speeder is at his deadly work again. Probably it is a little too soon to complain because nobody has been killed or maimed recently. But after a child has been mangled the speeder will slow down for awhile.

Several arrests for speeding have been made recently and the police are trying to enforce the law but the violators do most of their speeding at night. Although it takes only three or four minutes to get out to a country road, the speeder wants to do his turn on the city streets.

The man or woman who drives a car at excessive speed on the streets of Salida is in a class with a man who will fire a gun up the streets for the fun of it without caring whether he hits or misses, or at least hoping he will not hit.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Jan. 16, 1946: Pictures of the three yell leaders at the Salida High school, Miss Shirley McDaniel, Miss Rayetta Davidson and Miss Marylyn Gatterer will appear in a book to be called “Yells for High Schools” which will be published by an Iowa publisher.

The girls were chosen form among hundreds of photos submitted for illustrations in the book.

Their appearance in this book will serve as an advertisement for the Salida High School.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 14, 1971: Squabbling over the location of a proposed 4-H fair building may be at an end, with two groups, the 4-H Fair Board and the county commissioners, happy with the outcome.

The 4-H building will be located next to the county road shop on the airport road, county road 140, by unanimous decision of the county commissioners Jan. 5, and an 11-0-1 vote Monday of the fair board.

The group still unhappy is the Heart of the Rockies Recreation Association, which had offered to locate the building on part of its 40 acre site near the old airport at Poncha Springs. Fritz Rundell, association president, says his group hoped the 4-H building could be part of “an all-purpose county recreation complex.”

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Jan. 11, 1996: The Board of Education of Salida School District R-32-J voted to make its first payment on three new school busses, which it will receive the beginning of February.

The board signed a lease/purchase agreement with Banc One Leasing Corp.

The first payment, in the amount of $44,585 is due Jan. 18.

The lease/purchase agreement spans a three-year term. The buses will cost the district a total of $167,052.

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