140 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 11, 1880: And now there is more trouble over our new bridge. A lawyer was engaged by Mr. Neely and he was yesterday engaged in making out papers for a mechanic’s lien on the structure.

About the same time a freight wagon loaded with a boiler started across the bridge and when it had reached the second span from the west end down it went.

At the same moment a freighter just driving on the east end of the bridge was surprised to see one of the hind wheels of his wagon go through the floor.

From all of which it would appear that the bridge was not built strong enough to stand up under the loads that freight wagons carry in this country.

100 years ago

The Salida Mail, Sept. 10, 1920: The firm of Adolf Unger and Son have announced their intention of closing out their business and it is with regret that we learn this has been necessary because of the ill health of members of the firm.

This is one of the oldest firms of Salida, having been started by Mr. Adolf Unger when he came here from New York State, 30 years ago.

It will be indeed a great loss to the commerce of Salida to lose a firm of such standing in the business world and one so widely known to the ranch and mining men of the state.

75 years ago

The Salida Daily Mail, Sept. 13, 1945: Shavano, a ghost town, famous in Chaffee County history, heretofore reached only by mountain trail, is now on a county highway.

County Commissioner John Mundlein finished the road up the North Fork from Maysville to Shavano this week, and it can be traveled easily by automobile. The road is to be extended to mining properties which are being developed beyond Shavano.

The road will be of service not only to the miners but to fishermen, hunters, and sightseers. There are several well stocked lakes near the old town.

50 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 14, 1970: Three Salida men are facing possible charges following strange circumstances at the Alexander Airport.

Police disclosed this morning that Ronald L. Garrison, Jerry L. Thompson and Tyrone M. Mummey, all of Salida, were discovered in among some of the private planes quartered at the Salida field Saturday morning about 3:30.

They told Dwight Abbott, manager of the field, who turned up at that time for weather readings, that one of their wives had thrown their car keys onto the field following a quarrel and they were sending for help.

Abbott obligingly helped them jump a hot wire around the ignition on their car and the men departed.

Sunday morning, Abbott discovered earphones and other instruments had been jerked from a plane belonging to a Fruita man. These were thrown into the seat of another plane belonging to Mrs. Robert Kreller which was near where the men were standing when discovered Saturday night.

25 years ago

The Mountain Mail, Sept. 12, 1995: Wreckage of a Cessna 150 single-engine air craft closed CR 200 atop Poncha Pass for several hours Monday, after the pilot was forced to set the plane down in the roadway.

No one was seriously injured; the pilot, flight instructor Matthew Cisco, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and passenger Claus Dingas of Germany, were transported by Chaffee County Ambulance Service to the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, where they were treated and released.

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