Dear Editor:

Ballots for the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association board election are out. Members can vote by mailing paper ballots or online at by 1 p.m. June 8.

This important election is about ensuring SDCEA responds to members. Over 18 months, despite objections, SDCEA’s legacy board endorsed two flawed rate restructuring proposals.

It’s time for leadership that recognizes and balances this utility’s long-term needs with excellent member relations. We need a board that respects its role as bridge between members and management, with a fundamental duty to hire and evaluate top management.

Two candidates, Jeff Fiedler and Mark Boyle, promise responsiveness. Boyle, an electrical engineer, built a career at the Bureau of Reclamation. A long-term thinker embracing sustainability, Boyle powers his small farm with solar energy.

Fiedler, a public servant, brings an open, forward-thinking approach. A county commissioner and school board member, Fiedler serves the community. He would help steer SDCEA to equitable clean energy.

Jeff and Mark will lead transparently, uniting members around fairness. Members deserve leaders focused on clean power, fair rates, resilience and SDCEA’s long-term needs.

Please vote. Paper ballots must be received by 1 p.m. June 8. Vote online if you’re able. Jeff and Mark’s experience and commitment will lead SDCEA to a clean and responsible energy future that works for all of us.


Mary Ann Tillman,

Buena Vista

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