by Cody Olivas

Mail Staff Writer

Five Salidans competed in the Hard Rock Enduro dirt bike race Sunday in Cañon City, and after looping around the technical terrain again and again, four of them reached the top of the podium.

James Walker, Cory Willougby, Brian Allen and Brian Fisher all finished first in their respective classes while Tyler Fisher finished seventh in his.

Willoughby and Tyler Fisher said the race is probably the most technical enduro track in the state, having to navigate through rocky terrain, creeks and sand washes filled with cactus and loose rocks at low speeds. Speeds averaged 15 mph, but slowed to 5 mph in some spots. The riders also had to climb large flat rocks and descend steep, rocky hills.

“Its hell, but it’s great,” Tyler Fisher said.

Walker, competing in the Senior-A class, had to do six 9-mile laps on the terrain. Willoughby, in the Veteran-B class, did five 9-mile loops while Tyler Fisher (Veteran-C), Brian Allen (Senior-C) and Brian Fisher (Super-Sixty) all completed four 7-mile loops.

“This is the only Enduro race I compete in, but I live for it every year,” Willoughby said.

The race was part of the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, which also has races in Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

The group of riders competed in the race for the first time last year, and some of them were unable to finish, making their results even more rewarding this year.

After Tyler Fisher created a Facebook group last year, the riders met and now get together every Wednesday to ride. Now they’re not only competing together, they’re also winning together.