Ninja camp

Rowan Jarvis, 9, tries to avoid Joe Lobeck’s attention during a game Friday at Joe and Josh Lobeck’s ninja warrior camp.

About 15 area kids, split about 50-50 between boys and girls, are on their way to becoming ninja warriors.

Brothers Joe and Josh Lobeck hosted a ninja warrior camp last week for Salida kids.

Both brothers competed on “American Ninja Warrior” and have been participating in martial arts since about age 6.

Joe said they marketed their camp as a ninja warrior camp because they know kids watch the show, and the kids learned parkour, fitness, acrobatics, team-building and discipline. He said it’s about much more than being physically fit.

Joe said they tried to teach all of those things in a fun, dynamic way. A lot of the exercises they did, such as jumping on a trampoline and doing back flips, were natural for kids, he said.

“It’s a blend of Josh’s and my spirit, basically,” Joe said.

Each day had a different focus: earth, water, fire, air and void. For example, on Friday for void the kids did meditation practice, Joe said. He said fire day was more intense.

Joe said one primary aspect of the camp was getting the kids to engage in discipline. Discipline is thought of negatively a lot of the time, he said, but it shouldn’t be because it allows people to unlock themselves.

Josh said the best part of the camp for him was watching the results come in and seeing what the kids got better at.

Joe said they were testing the waters with the camp and could potentially turn it into a business someday. He said he was pleasantly surprised at how the camp turned out.

“For me it was a great trial run,” Josh said. “We’re building this thing from scratch.”

Josh said he’d like someday to train adults too.

Joe said he hoped the kids learned something at the camp that will stick with them, and that they all go home generally happy.

“They’ve all gained a little bit of ninja status, I’d say,” Joe said.