Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking applications until Aug. 9 for wetland and riparian restoration, enhancement and creation projects to support its Wetlands Program Strategic Plan.

CPW will award up to $1.3 million from Great Outdoors Colorado to Colorado projects that support the Wetlands Program Strategic Plan’s two main goals, according to a press release.

The goals are:

1. Improve the distribution and abundance of ducks and opportunities for public waterfowl hunting.

2. Improve the status of declining or at-risk species.

Funds are allocated annually to the program, and projects are recommended for funding by a CPW committee with final approval by the director.

“Wetlands are so important,” CPW Wetlands Program Coordinator Brian Sullivan said. “They comprise less than 2 percent of Colorado’s landscape but provide benefits to over 75 percent of the species in the state, including waterfowl and several declining species. Since the beginning of major settlement activities, Colorado has lost half of its wetlands.”

Since its inception in 1997, the Colorado Wetlands Program has preserved, restored, enhanced or created almost 220,000 acres of wetlands and adjacent habitat and more than 200 miles of streams. The partnership is responsible for almost $40 million in total funding devoted to wetland and riparian preservation in Colorado.

The Wetlands Funding Request for Applications is available on CPW’s website,