The Salida Golf Club and Buena Vista’s Collegiate Peaks Golf Club joined forces to host their final golf tournament of the season over the weekend, the Aspen Leaf Two Person Fall Classic.

Golfers played at both courses, with some playing Salida on Saturday and then switching to Buena Vista on Sunday and vice versa. In Salida, the golfers played a scramble, and in Buena Vista they played a two-person best ball.

The courses also provided different challenges.

“It’s crazy how these courses are so different,” said Bill McDonald, noting that the greens in Salida were a little smoother and faster.

McDonald and his partner, Jason Gobin, won the tournament’s third flight with a 125.25 net score. After trailing by one stroke Saturday in Buena Vista, McDonald said he thought a score in the low 60s on Sunday would put them in the mix. Gobin, however, predicted they’d shoot a 58 on Sunday. They ended up shooting a 57.2 to win the flight by four strokes.

“It was unbelievable,” McDonald said, giving Gobin a lot of credit for his putting.

Steve Kinder and Tim Morgan took second in the third flight with a 129.2, followed by Ty Winkler and Jake Hadley in third (129.9) and Dan Veatch and Terry Veatch in fourth (134.55).

In the first flight, Zach Tidechild and John Alter took the title with a 126.8.

Mike Moos and Fred White tied with Leo Marchase and Mike Debuano for second at 127.3. Nick Lucero and Eric Moltz finished fourth with a 129.8.

In the second flight, Donny Rice and Audie Bubesk took first with a 127.85. Scott Breunich and Mike Mendicino placed second with a 130.2, Chad Roberts and Mike Cross shot a 131.1 to finish third while Jim Achatz and Dave Flores shot a 135.1 to take fourth.

In the mixed flight, Brian Smith and Tami Smith took the title with a 126.95. Oliver Stringer and Patti Stringer shot a 128.8 to place second while Kirby O’Conner and Cynthia Martellaro shot a 129.9 to finish third.

“It was a good weekend,” McDonald said. “We just had a great time.”