Dear Editor:

Clearly the lack of affordable housing is affecting my wife and me and all residents of Chaffee County. Good help is needed in all of our services: medical, automotive, hotel and restaurants, etc.

Salida City Council can act immediately to provide ways for young, skilled workers to afford to live in our city. There are multiple ways to do this, including loans that can be forgiven if the worker stays in Salida for a period of time, say five years. Landlords can be enticed to lower their rent with tax incentives.

The recent change at Salida Crossings from condos to rental apartments may be just the opportunity to allow increased affordable housing. Certainly homeownership is desirable, but most of us started out renting until we could save enough for a down payment.

The recent editorial about county density mixed two issues that should not be mixed: affordable housing and size of rural subdivision lots.

Large acreage will draw higher prices, but that’s OK. There are many advantages to having a decreased density in our rural areas. One is septic system overload. I live in a subdivision developed under the old rules of 1 acre per house/septic system. I now have to buy drinking water at the store because my well is contaminated with high levels of nitrates.

New rural county development should have a minimum requirement of 5 acres. The county can start with the proposed Scanga subdivision on CR 156.


Jim Minor,