Dear Editor:

Is it possible that Dan Bishop is baffled by encountering people who refuse to wear face masks because he doesn’t understand what liberty is?

My individual, God-given rights don’t end where his fear begins. It’s not mine, nor anyone else’s, responsibility to concern myself with his, nor anyone else’s, health and safety. He’s free to quarantine the rest of his life. Nobody will stop him.

He wants to go by the numbers but condescendingly attempts to explain purely hypothetical numbers that have no relevance with no basis in reality.

Masks worn continuously do more harm than good. Not to mention the only protection they truly provide is in the mind by creating a false sense of security.

I won’t shame mask wearers for being delusional order followers if they don’t shame me for being logical and rational.

Drink water, get fresh air, exercise, sunshine and stay healthy.

Jessica Konig,