Dear Editor:

Friends of Salida Skateparks recently hosted “The Art of the Deck,” a collection of painted skateboards that comprised a temporary venue for Salida’s 2019 ArtWalk.

Proceeds from the art sale benefited Friends of Salida Skateparks with a portion donated back to Salida Boys & Girls Club.

We received a grant from Family & Youth Initiatives that allowed us to purchase the blank boards, which were provided to various resident artists.

We also partnered with Salida Boys & Girls Club and hosted an art workshop on June 21, Go Skateboarding Day. These young artists were a joy to work with as they painted their own creative works of art that were then displayed during ArtWalk.

In addition to our gallery, Friends of Salida Skateparks was part of ArtWalk’s “Streetmosphere,” featuring a day of skateboarding performing artists set up on a temporary mini ramp in the parking lot of Mike’s Garage.

We’d like to offer our thanks to the following organizations that made this possible: FYI, Salida Council for the Arts, Fun Street Family Arcade, Mike’s Garage, Salida Boys & Girls Club, Hayley Houlihan and InstaRamp.

In addition to the talented young artists from Boys & Girls Club, we’d also like to offer a big thank you to the following artists who volunteered to paint boards for our gallery: Jackson Bahn, Josh Been, John Brown, Lori Cassidy, Keagen Cox, Claire Deveney, Bill Donavan, Shea Donavan, Farrah Fine, Hayley Houlihan, P.J. Jensen, Curtis Killorn, Brinkley Messick, Jessie Miller, Naterz, Ryan O’Brien, Ryder Reed, Felix Roberts, Lindsay Sutton, Dustin Tidwell, Jessica Vogel and Meghan White.

Each of these artists brought their own unique creativity, providing us with such a diverse, bright and inspiring gallery showcasing these amazing works of art.

A final thank you to Salida ArtWalk for your support. We had a blast being part of this notable event in Salida.

Amy Reed,

Friends of Salida Skateparks