Dear Editor:

In response to Karin Adams’ letter: How amazing it is to have letters in the paper written by real estate agents backing up their buddies on the Planning Commission.

Your own bias in your response couldn’t be more glaring. You are a real estate agent; you make your living off development.

My letters weren’t “unsubstantiated claims.” They referenced quotes that came directly from the mouths of Hank Held and Mike Allen. Go back and read the minutes for the Planning Commission meeting, or The Mountain Mail, and see for yourself.

In defense of the recent female appointees to Planning Commission that Karin Adams seems hellbent on disqualifying: I couldn’t be more exhausted by the claim that someone is inherently “against development.” Anyone with half a brain understands development is essential for our economy and essential for housing. Not everything is so black and white, left or right. It’s entirely possible to support different views on a particular topic as a sole human. It’s called critical thinking, and I’m happy to see appointees actually utilizing such skills.

I myself exercise critical thinking by supporting intelligent development such as Two Rivers, while simultaneously speaking out against poorly planned development such as Cool Clear Water. What is so wrong or threatening to you about demanding intelligent development? Because I’m pretty sure that’s all we’re asking for here, and I think you may be the one with “lack of experience or knowledge of the people residing in this county.”

Opening the paper and reading your attempt to discredit local citizens who spend their precious time investing in this community was disgusting.

There isn’t some grand plan here to stop development in Chaffee County, spearheaded by a bunch of uneducated females, as your letter offensively suggests. We’re simply asking for the checks and balances that exist in any democracy, with democracy being the foundation of this very nation. And greed is not supposed to trump democracy, in case you’ve forgotten.

As someone who is nearly 40 years younger than you, I am the future of this county, not you. I will be the one to live with the decisions made by the Planning Commission, some of which have undoubtedly been influenced by your office.

I’m only able to attend county meetings and write to the paper because I am a business owner here and make my own hours. My employees and friends of my age group are too busy working full time, at multiple jobs, hoping to save up and someday be able to afford a house here.

With the current trend of overpriced housing they will be nearly 60 before they take possession of the keys to their very first starter home in Chaffee County. Maybe mull that one over for a bit, then let’s get that brain fired up so we can start thinking critically about the future of housing and development for actual residents of Chaffee County, because it’s coming, and it doesn’t look like the past.

Shae Whitney,