Dear Editor:

Watching the fire off and on since it started, I took it for granted that it would be contained and would never reach our home.

As dry conditions, warm weather and high winds persisted, the fire continued to grow. Once again I took it for granted that it would be contained.

Then the pre-evacuations and evacuations started to happen. It became a whirlwind of moving livestock, pets, important papers, etc. Sleepless nights and unproductive day-to-day tasks that need to be completed. Watching and waiting for what was going to be the result of this disaster.

Then a sigh of some relief that the fire was gaining some containment. Evacuations and pre-evacuations were lifted gradually.

Today seeing firefighters logistically staged watching and ready for any more bad fire behavior and in stores shopping for their food, I feel myself wanting to tell every firefighter how much I value what they do. Lesson learned: Never take things for granted.

Thank you to all the firefighter and emergency services for all you do to keep us safe.

Trina Tyler,