Dear Editor:

It is evident when Democrats assess President Trump because there is no gray in the tally; Donald Trump is only bad as no one else on earth is only bad.

I think Trump’s policies bear patience to see their results. “Tinker” Paul Silver believes history will not likely be kind to the Trump presidency. History is neither kind nor unkind; a historical assessment is more factual than emotional kindness standards.

I think history will acknowledge that Donald Trump came into the highest office with no previous political experience, with great business success, which allowed for a lifelong record of independence and an expectation that he would be lauded.

He fulfilled the wishes of those who voted for someone beholden to no faction of any kind and who is not a typical politician. He showed the political establishment of Washington, D.C., new ways, for which (surprise) they are not grateful.

(President Jimmy Carter and his Georgia Mafia attempted to teach D.C. new ways, but Washington wasn’t changed, nor was his administration historically assessed successful.)

The United States has never had a businessman in the Oval Office, and while President Trump is not a sympathetic figure, I respect his business acumen. I appreciate that he deals with our national enemies nonjudgmentally but with focus on coercing workable behavior using carrots.

He doesn’t attempt to shame other cultures with their failure to use American standards of human rights. There is no Western Imperialism in the Trump administration that says the U.S. is morally right and everyone else is not.

President Trump’s take on the presidency is new, and voters will soon decide if they agree with it. I would like to see the nation honestly assess Donald J. Trump on something more substantial than his political party.

Republican and Democratic administrations come and go, and sympathetic characters come and go. Nationally we asked for something different and we got it. Now let’s see if we have the fortitude to see it through to the election, or weeny out with a puny, political impeachment.

Sandy Farrell,