Dear Editor:

In regard to letter dated March 29 by Cecil Rhodes:

Overzealous legislation by unqualified politicians is what is wrong. If the Red Flag bill passes as you say, then if you don’t like it, just vote the legislator out next election. In the meantime, it is law and will take an “Act of Congress” to (if ever) remove it. You keep flushing our Constitution down the toilet.

Try going to another country that has no constitution, only government control. Why do you think they are coming here? Our Constitution has been working for over 200 years and put in place by men much smarter and wiser than you or I and who understood and fought to free us from government control. This law is a “no knock” law that is not initiated by “due process.”

If your neighbor doesn’t like something you do and calls you crazy, calls the cops, they are obligated to bust down your door and take your guns and arrest you. Then try to get free of the charges. Oh, it covers that, too. A year? Two?

Yes, you will want Sheriff Spezze to protect you, but if he has to shoot, because you resist as you have done nothing wrong, then he is a bad guy. But if it is not you, then yes you say, take their guns away. I don’t understand the logic. Where has “due process” gone?

Thank you, Sheriff Spezze. I support you and stand for our Constitution and will fight for it as I have already done as a U.S. Navy veteran.

Harley Hagan,

Cañon City