Dear Editor:

I am greatly disappointed by Tuesday’s editorial (“Inquiry not same as impeachment”) and its use of inflammatory language and false statements.

Here is a fact: The inquiry is being held under rules approved by a Republican majority in 2015. Their newfound dislike of the process resulted in the illegal storming of the venue in which it was being held.

Another pesky fact: Republicans sat in on those “secret” meetings and were allowed to question witnesses. Again, the process being followed was authored by Republicans.

Yes, this week we will all be able to witness public testimony and decide for ourselves who is being truthful and whether the president deserves to be removed from office. I would encourage the editor to keep his powder dry until the process is complete and to keep in mind that The Mountain Mail serves a wide audience in our community.

On balance, I believe it does a good job of that. This editorial is a disturbing exception.

Paul Andrews,