Dear Editor:

In today’s busy world we are always in a hurry to get things done and be on our way to the next task – that is, until something in the form of a tragedy enters into our world, and then you have no control over the events that occur next.

This is what happened one morning a short time ago when we found our mother lying on the floor of her bedroom. At 96 years of age she did not think to use her Life Alert button or even yell for help.

Not knowing the extent of her injuries, we called 911. The fire department paramedics arrived along with the ambulance. The medical team handled our mother with a great deal of dignity and sensitivity for her care and injuries.

They treated her like she was a member of their family to calm her down and assure her that they would be very gentle transporting her. The team had to lift her from the floor and move her to another room to put her on the stretcher.

We cannot say enough words of praise for the medical professionals that took care of our mother. We are fortunate to have them in our community. As a footnote, the hospital staff were equally as professional and caring for our loved one.

Rod Farney and the Farney family,