Dear Editor:

My family and I were recently visiting in your beautiful town. We were staying in Breckenridge and had driven down to Salida to enjoy the Fourth with my son who lives in Salida.

For convenience I was staying in one of the locally owned motels in Salida. I do travel some and like to support small business owners when possible. The rest of my family was leaving that day to return to Breckenridge, but I had rented my room for two nights and planned on leaving to return home on the 5th.

My family had been rafting that day, and when they returned one of my sons asked if it would be OK to use the shower in my room to clean up. I didn’t think that would be a problem. I was having lunch downtown with friends, so he came by to get my room key. I told him I would be there as soon as I finished having lunch.

Well, apparently the motel found fault with this. They demanded that my son leave and that I would have to leave also. I tried to explain to no avail that my son was only there to shower and was not staying. I was still told I had broken some law and would have to leave the property and would not receive a refund for my second night.

I decided to not argue and just leave. As I was packing my belongings, three police officers arrived telling me I had to leave the property. These officers never asked me my name or wanted to hear my side of the incident.

I explained to them that I was leaving and was gathering my belongings from the room. I was never in any way disrespectful to the property managers or the officers.

I travel to Salida often because I have family there. I usually stay in a hotel just for my convenience. I spend money in your stores and restaurants and purchase gas for my car. I will never spend money in your community again.

Linda West,

Amarillo, Texas