Dear Editor:

In Sandy Farrell’s letter to the editor “Honestly assess Donald Trump,” she states, “The United States has never had a businessman in the Oval Office …” In this age of Trumpian alternative facts, that might be true. However, since 1900, there have been a number of presidents who were businessmen.

According to, Warren Harding was a newspaper publisher, Calvin Coolidge was a vice president of Nonotuck Savings Bank in Massachusetts, Herbert Hoover was a mining engineer and mine owner, Harry Truman was a haberdasher, Jimmy Carter was a successful peanut farmer and in agribusiness, George H.W. Bush was an oilman, as was his son George W. Bush, who also owned the Texas Rangers baseball team. Do these presidents not count?

According to the same article referenced above, the businessmen presidents ranked in the bottom third in terms of greatness as presidents, with the notable exception of Harry Truman, who was ranked higher but was mostly a failed businessman.

As a businessman, Mr. Trump has the reputation of not bothering to pay subcontractors. Some may feel indifferent to such behavior, but a lot of subs living in Salida did not like it when they were not paid by the motel they helped build on U.S. 50 a few years ago. I do not respect those types of businessmen.

Lee Dodge,