Dear Editor:

Not sure who to give credit on what I saw today. I believe it is the crew who have done “fire break” related work with this recent fire, but what I saw today was just amazing and I felt compelled to tell you about it.

I was marking the Bear Creek Road to the Little Rainbow section of the Banana Belt Race.

I met with a young U.S. Forest Service woman by the name of “Jane” at the Bear Creek trailhead. I introduced myself and advised of my role.

She knew about the race and advised the USFS crew was done with the section I was about to mark and said the crew was now working toward Howard Creek.

As I proceeded toward the Methodist Mountain trailhead at 1 mile, I could not believe what I was seeing.

The area on both sides of the trail is a “showcase” for the Rainbow Trail to exhibit to the multiusers of this area.

Not only was the standing dead timber laid on the ground, but the trail itself was improved as if Greg Hamilton and his motorized crew had been there for weeks.

Is there any way we can get those folks to return for more of the same without a fire being the issue?

A sincere “thank you” to all those responsible.

Paul Smith,

Colorado Central Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club board of directors member and Rainbow Trail user,