Dear Editor:

A proposal to all the smiling, happy 5A “yes” voters who all wanted higher taxes: 17 cents per day, that’s $5.10 per month, donated to a property tax increase relief fund, to be used to assist us poverty-line- or-below, low-income citizens, who started early, worked hard, sacrificed for years, who are now lucky enough to own a home – or maybe that’s become unlucky now?

So, for whatever reason, retirement, health problems, bad management, etc., we are struggling just to survive and have a decent quality of life in our own home.

Every new tax or increase makes that more difficult. It pushes us closer to abject poverty. Seventeen cents per day – skip a latte or cappuccino once a month; you won’t miss it.

We should be able to stay living here, enjoying this area. It’s not just for the upper class, the wealthy, the second-home owners, but perhaps they will be happier when the rest of us are pushed out?

Remember, more taxes will follow. Wait for next November elections and voting. There is already scheming for new buildings. Guess how to pay for them – more taxes. Daily 17-cent tax relief fund, from those who wanted higher taxes, or more if you like.

Joel “Moe” Husen,