Dear Editor:

I never thought I’d be “that” person, but here goes:

Stop signs. For the love of all that is holy, can we pretty please have more stop signs?

With the population growth of Salida in the past few years, safe etiquette has gone out the window. People don’t use turn signals anymore, and right of way is a thing of the past. Heck, residential area speed limits are not even looked at anymore unless in a cop speed trap area.

This is to be expected with rapid population growth, and I can accept it. What I cannot accept is anyone driving on D Street’s complete disregard for patron safety. D Street is home to apartment buildings, houses, the post office, the library, churches and a school. On Fourth and D streets in particular, no one stops for pedestrians and it’s a long wait followed by a mad dash to cross. Fourth and D streets is also notorious for the number of pets that have been killed by cars refusing to stop.

For me, it’s frustrating and sad. For the kids going back and forth from the school and the library and the churches, it’s terrifying.

Pretty, pretty please, city of Salida. Can we have more stop signs?

Marsha Dalton,