Dear Editor:

The family of Jane Whitmer extends heartfelt gratitude to the long list of individuals and community organizations, both spiritual and secular, who contributed to her care and well-being over a period of many months up until the time of her death.

We thank our family and friends, near and far, who gave freely in so many ways, including the priceless gift of their time and abiding love.

A special bow of gratitude to the countless generous cooks who nourished us with home-delivered meals throughout.

We thank the therapists and healers who provided ease and fortification to Jane’s resilient spirit and the spiritual teachers who guided her with their wisdom to assist her in strengthening her own.

We especially thank Jane’s death doula and her hospice nurse, as well as the doctors, physician’s assistants, medical consultants and devoted nurses who attended her at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, Penrose and at home.

We appreciate the manifest kindnesses and ongoing generosity of our community and thank you all for caring for our beloved, beautiful Jane.

Ellie Erickson, AnnieLaurie Erickson and Ron Ferris