Dear Editor:

This is not a campaign letter. I am writing in response to David Moore’s Oct. 29 editorial letter in which he describes Kimberly Parker’s female supporters as “girlfriends.” This is a degrading and insulting statement, based not on fact but probably on a figment of his sexist imagination.

Ms. Parker’s supporters, many of whom do not know her personally, are intelligent, well-informed, well-read, politically active women – not girls – who hope to move Chaffee County in a better direction, especially when it comes to women’s issues.

It is Mr. Moore’s condescending attitude toward women that has inspired many of them to run for political office. Women will not be silenced by men calling them names and dismissing them as girls. In fact, those kinds of comments actually empower women to vote men out of office.

Now, Mr. Moore, you can go hang out with your boyfriends and promote your candidate.


Linda Taylor,