Dear Editor:

I read the recent Loyal Duke’s column by Victor Aziz with great interest. To hear that so many people from out of town are concerned and complain about the lack of areas for dogs to enjoy their time here in Salida with their humans is, unfortunately, not a surprise. It is, though, extremely unfortunate.

I have lived in many towns throughout Colorado and the West and spent time in dozens more. And this is by far the most unfriendly dog town I have ever been in. Our parks do not allow dogs at all, and there is virtually no place to take a dog off leash. Our dog park is very deficient. I have an older Lab, and the ground is so hard there it is not any better than the bike path for her arthritic joints. Can’t we add some grass and maybe a small water feature?

To hear that visitors sometimes leave Salida early or decide not to return because of we lack this amenity is a tough pill to swallow. This is such a positive town with so much to offer. This, however, is a huge detriment to this positivity and lack of thought by our leaders and our community at large.

The city is currently going through a process, PROST, to try to improve our parks, recreation and green space. Let’s include this in the discussion. Let’s make this a place where people are comfortable with their best friends and make this a place where we as locals, and our friends and others who visit, can feel at ease with their dogs.

Come on, Salida, let’s embrace what the rest of the state and West already has.

Chris B. Miller,