Dear Editor:

My question to Colorado Mountain College: Why did you leave Salida in the first place? Was the college curriculum and student attendance not working in Salida back when CMC opted to move to Buena Vista? What are you going to bring us now, that we didn’t get back when you pulled out of Salida ? Why would CMC even consider leaving the campus you have in Buena Vista?

Obviously, you prefer having your own building, but that doesn’t guarantee you will stay and provide the services promised. Is this all about a tax base and money more than buildings and locations as opposed to serving an area without a local college as stated in your primary purpose for existence? Does it not make more sense to wait until Buena Vista is willing to subsidize the college with a mill levy?

Do not the residents of Colorado pay into a statewide fund that supports all universities and state-sponsored colleges and thus gives access to in-state tuition? I can understand why the college leans to having a permanent tax base that is in the range between $1 and $2 million projected for Chaffee County. $75,000,000 is the CMC projected revenue.

The ballot language is vague, as though there is no definitive plan for the use of CMC in Salida’s future.

It is a bit like the cart before the horse, and is this the best course for the taxpayer to make an informed decision from?

“5.1 percent of all the households surveyed said they would definitely vote yes, 4.6 percent said they would definitely vote no. 85.3 percent did not return the survey. From this, our school board determined there was overwhelming support … . School district employees compiled the survey results.”

Are we not a bit premature to venture down this road without Buena Vista being on board and an integral part of the picture as they were in the past? There has been historical usage of the CMC campuses from both municipalities. Much of the classes have been and will most likely be online and/or using current underutilized facilities. This option worked economically and makes fiscal sense since the projected cost of a new facility divided by the cost of per projected student seems a bit pricey .

Why not start again with what we had lost and see if Salida gets more interest and CMC makes a better commitment before the taxpayer has to make up the new costs?

Why the rush? Let’s get a plan and have a real and honest discussion with the public. New mill levies should be well thought out and up front with the public’s needs and desires for a college.

The promotional website bought by the advocate group for the college wasn’t a discussion but a sales piece without weighing the pros and cons. Can the public at least expect that from the proponents?

Melodee Hallett,