Dear Editor:

I support the proposed partnership between the Salida School District and Colorado Mountain College. I will vote “yes” on 5A. I believe that this is a worthwhile investment in my community that will benefit local youth, businesses and adult learners.

Joining the CMC district will allow expanded course offerings that are tailored to this community. The Salida area needs child care providers, teachers, medical personnel, service workers and building trades. CMC can provide education for all of these careers with various certificate, associate degree and bachelor degree programs.

In-district CMC tuition rates are the best in the state at $80 per credit, and college-level courses will be offered free to high school students. Ambitious students will be able to graduate high school with one or even two years of college credit or with certified trade skills that could lead to immediate employment at a satisfactory wage.

For me, these education opportunities and tuition discounts easily justify the $100 per year average homeowner tax that is associated with the proposal.

This CMC partnership will improve Salida’s workforce. Aspiring educators, paramedics, nurses, business managers and technicians who already live in this area will be able to receive their education and training locally. Individuals changing occupations, parents returning to work and entry-level employees seeking to advance their careers will be able to stay in this community during their education.

The subsequent opportunities for employment and better income will help to sustain Salida’s talented workers. Local businesses will benefit from a more stable and more skilled workforce.

I encourage you to learn more at and

Vote to strengthen and sustain our community. Vote “yes” on 5A.

Charlotte Karls,