Dear Editor:

Recently, we have recognized a familiar famous furry face on many television news broadcasts, game shows and celebrity interviews. It’s “Mayor Max,” a golden retriever from Idyllwild, California, a very hardworking mayor who loves everybody.

He follows in the footsteps of the first Idyllwild mayor, aka Maximus Mighty Dog Muller, “Max.”

These mayors wear ties. Our paths crossed in a mayor’s election in Idyllwild June 11, 12 and 13, 2012, when our furry family member “Paris the cat” leaped into the mayor’s race. Twelve dogs and two cats were the candidates. This was Idyllwild’s first mayor’s election.

Animal rescue friends, known as ARF, sponsored this event. You vote for your favorite candidate with $1 a vote. Candidates campaigning with their managers through meet and greet and treats, news media, posters and banners fulfilled Idyllwild’s town support of these furry candidates. It was fun. So many com-pet-itive ideas.

“Max” had a well representative mobile with signs on it driving through town. Our friends helped by placing Paris posters throughout town.

“Mayor Max” won. We all were a part of the greatest mayoral inauguration. Thirty thousand dollars were raised for ARF in three days of voting. So much community love and support. Other candidates were voted for different titles.

“Paris the cat” won Idyllwild “Ambassador of the Cattery.” Who would know that this loving Russian blue (no Russian collusion) would be involved in “paw-li-tics.”

She was rescued with other abandoned kitties that were found alone under a deck; something had happened to their mom. They all survived. She was the last kitty to be placed. She is very smart and special. She has six toes on each paw. We are lucky to have this kitty that we named “Paris the cat” as it stands for love.

Every year we received a “Mayor Max and His Deputy Mayors” calendar. Their chief of staff is Phyllis Meulle and Glen Warren. “Mayor Max” recently won seventh place in “Dog of the Year.”

We are very proud of all of them. It’s true, “Mayor Max” is the “friendliest politician around.”

Jennifer “Earp” Adamson,