Dear Editor:

Please be informed that your real estate taxes will increase. That will happen if the upcoming November ballot initiative for Colorado Mountain College passes with a “yes” vote.

The proposal is to annex and bring about CMC taxation for residents who currently pay taxes in Salida School District R-32-J.

When you read the November ballot question, you will see that the voter is not advised of this truth. Residential property taxes within the proposed annexation district will increase by more than 8 percent just for starters. Even if you do not own property, this tax increase will most likely be passed on to you through increased prices, such as rent.

This is even more prevalent with commercial business properties, who will be affected by about four times as much per $100,000 valuation. This would be a monetary burden on virtually everyone in our community.

Without this knowledge, many voters may reactively vote “yes.”

I would like to believe that most citizens would want a more ethical outcome by having the voters informed in advance that their taxes will go up.

To me it seems disingenuous, at best, to leave this information off of the ballot wording. Another of those, “the end justifies the deceptive means.”

The fact that the school board (the leaders in charge of how our students are taught) approved the ballot wording is disturbing. Also, the seemingly nonbinding initial intent of CMC spending our tax money in our community is highly suspect. Talk to the people in Buena Vista involved with CMC.

I have written this public letter in hopes that you may start a dialogue with your friends, neighbors and potential voters so that a more morally honest result prevails.

Raymond Ferbrache,