Dear Editor:

I’m 88 and have used a motorized wheelchair for 18 years. I live off a small pension in subsidized housing, and every day celebrate the joy of living in Colorado. I am a happy man.

I haven’t always been limited to a wheelchair. For 16 years I taught Spanish at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School in Colorado Springs. It was a delight to have known hundreds of young people, to have traveled with them and shared music and stories.

I also taught tapestry weaving from my home and for years played the piano in the evenings at Furrs Cafeteria in Colorado Springs (now gone, of course.)

I have floated many Colorado rivers and often skied the wonderful mountain slopes. Colorado has been my home for decades, ever since serving in the Army in Korea. And every day I think about what makes Colorado wonderful and how to cherish it into the future.

You might not agree with the signs I carry on my wheelchair, but at the heart of my visible politics is a message that I hope everyone in our community can share: Care for the children, care for the environment, care for those who need help and, finally, know the issues and vote.


Robert Loewe,