Dear Editor:

I would like to extend many thanks to this community and the city of Salida for attending and supporting this year’s show of “The Merchant of Venice,” Salida’s ninth annual Shakespeare in the Park production.

To the hearty brave souls who attended Sunday’s show in the wind and cold: Thank you for your committed support.

A very special thanks to Amicas, Rebound Physical Therapy, Colorado Mountain Realty and the many, many individuals in Salida who gave so generously to ensure there would be a Shakespeare production this year and next.

Thank you to the crew: Tom Westrop, Carey Hallett, Jacob Denwalt, Derek Abbbott, Ellie Rodak, Sheri and Jerry Canon, Mary Dunay, Naters and Bella Kintgen and also to the 17 talented actors involved in the play who dedicated their time, energy, passion and talent for us all to enjoy. We hope to see you at Shakespeare in the Park next summer.

Devon Jencks Kasper,