Dear Editor:

We blinked and almost missed it, Salida has new city officials. On Nov. 19 Salida City Council and staff honored outgoing council members Mike Bowers and Cheryl Brown-Kovacic and welcomed new and continuing officials Alicia Pappenfort, Mike Pollock, Merrell Bergen, Jane Templeton and P.T. Wood.

There was celebration, optimism and appreciation, due in no small part to the police-officer puppet given to Mike Bowers by Justin Critelli and much enjoyed by Mike’s grandchildren.

In late summer, then-candidates and support teams had assembled and planned campaign events. However, without the need for an election, the traditional debates, campaign launch parties, meet and greets and door-to-door canvassing didn’t happen. This resulted in limited opportunity for the community to interact with and get to know their representatives.

In light of this and in an effort to share information and receive input, aspiring council members and campaign supporters created C3, Community/ Council Conversations, an “information campaign” resulting in a postcard that is available to the public. This card summarizes some current council focal points and works in progress.

On the back of the card there are three questions asking for public input: What is city council doing well? What (council) improvements would be helpful? And what should council’s priorities be?

The cards are addressed and just need your comments and postage stamp. The P.O. Box and card were paid for by would-be campaign volunteers like myself. Responses will be shared with council members. You may pick up a C3 postcard at Wood’s High Mountain Distillery on First Street and at Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce.

This is a new council facing new challenges and offering new opportunities for each of us to be engaged in our local government. Whether you are a registered voter or a member of the larger community, your input is valuable.

Lawton Eddy,