Dear Editor:

I am responding to Jo Taylor’s incoherent rebuttal to my recent letter, “I ain’t got time for that.” I tried but was unable to connect the dots between the contents of my letter and her diatribe about dualistic attitudes, Obama’s lack of patriotism and hatred of military families, abandoned Benghazi victims, boiling blood, religious beliefs and tribalistic attitudes.

Furthermore, she attributes two sentences to me: “My political party is the only one which makes sense” and “My religion is the only true one.” I never made either of these statements; in fact, I never mentioned anything about religion or my political affiliation.

She concludes her letter by saying, “Please save us from more of your perfect opinions.”

First of all, opinions can’t be perfect or imperfect, they are just opinions to which we are all entitled. Secondly, this is her opportunity to exercise the very tolerance and acceptance that she promotes at the end of her letter. Thirdly, Ms Taylor, if my opinions are so upsetting to you, don’t read my letters.

But I ain’t got time for any more of this because I am having so much fun writing the sequel to my last letter. Until then …

Linda Taylor,