Dear Editor:

The Iowa caucuses were a mess, but in my opinion, all caucuses are a mess and undemocratic because the loudest person in the room controls the conversation with a limited number of participants.

Part of the problem in Iowa was due to an app that did not work. When the app didn’t work, Democrats tried to call in their results but could not get through because Republicans who got the phone number called and called, thus jamming the phone lines. This is so typical of Republicans, just like the stuff that happened in the Nixon era.

Also part of the confusion was due to the new, more complicated way of determining allocation of delegates. Who wanted this new system? None other than Bernie Sanders. The same guy who wants to create a whole new way of giving health care to 320,000,000 Americans. What kind of a disaster would this be if your plan can’t correctly count 172,000 people in a small state?

But, here’s the thing.

In Iowa in 2016, Hillary Clinton got 23 delegates (49.9 percent) and Bernie got 21 (49.6 percent). They basically split the vote down the middle.

Currently in Iowa, Bernie is a very close second at 26.1 percent to Pete Buttigieg with 26.2 percent. Bernie has basically been running for president for four years and yet is running behind a young whippersnapper who few people even knew a year ago.

With only 26 percent support, that means 74 percent of Iowans prefer someone other than Bernie. As of Feb. 7, Pete and Bernie get 11 delegates each, way fewer delegates than Bernie got in 2016.

The latest poll in Tuesday’s primary race in New Hampshire released today by NBC/Marist shows Bernie with 25 percent and Mayor Pete with 21 percent. Again, 75 percent of voters in a state right next to Bernie’s home state prefer someone else.

Think about this for a second. What does this mean?

This says to me that Bernie has support of a dwindling core of supporters. He has support of a very vocal, vociferous and, in my personal experience with Bernie supporters, bullying group.

Who should be the Democratic candidate for president? I have no idea. What concerns me is the vocal, vociferous, bullying group, when Bernie fails to get the Democratic nomination, will once again not get behind the Democratic candidate and we will have Trump still occupying the Oval Office.

What I do know for sure is that I will vote blue no matter who, even if I have to hold my nose in doing so. I wish the Bernie people felt the same way. According to a recent Emerson poll, only 53 percent of Bernie supporters would vote for the Democratic candidate if Bernie were not the nominee.

FYI: Cory Gardner voted not to impeach Trump. Gardner would rather be “impotent” than have his “head on a pike.”

Vote him out.

Nelda Waxman,