Dear Editor:

“How do you ever thank everyone enough for all of this (support and love) they’ve shown for me?” To answer Boyd’s question, we’ll start with this letter of thanks to the entire community.

You’ve undoubtedly heard comments about how wonderful and giving our community is. It must be repeated: You are wonderful, loving, supporting humans.

If you donated for the silent auction, prepared the Elks Lodge, food or drinks, donated to help with hospital trips and other expenses or purchased an auction item, our heartfelt thanks to you.

Sabrina Palko, you are an amazing individual. Despite your broken leg and loss of your father, you and Nicole Cook pulled the fundraiser together. From creation to culmination of your ideas, you brought together so many people who touched Boyd throughout his life – people of all ages.

We’re eternally grateful. Our sincere appreciation from the many Dague families in Colorado and Mississippi.

If Boyd even whispered he needed something, you heard and acted immediately. Thanks to the Sack family for mowing the lawn each week, to Aaron and Candace Koehn for coming on a Saturday morning to install a handrail for Boyd, and later you made his bedroom usable for hospice care at home. To whet his appetite, “our girls” started bringing in homemade goodies. Thank you, Zeb, Stacy, Sabrina, Liesel and Sara.

To the staffs of Heart of the Rockies Home Health and Hospice, HRRMC and First Street Family Health in Salida and UCHealth Center in the Springs, you have our gratitude for easing Boyd’s pain during his struggle with cancer.

Your calls meant a great deal and helped break up Boyd’s long days. If he was sleeping, you tried another time. He was a fixture on the front porch, so bless you for your frequent visits; they were a real morale booster.

His other three “families” were at Patio Pancake Place, NAPA Auto Parts and his bowling league. Boyd had his special table every morning or afternoon. He even had his own special he could order any time. The waitresses always knew to bring him dessert first. He wanted to be sure there was always room for dessert.

Boyd sure did resemble the Santa they had visit with their families. We couldn’t talk with Boyd without conversation getting around to his bowling “buddies.”

To the NAPA crew, we’ll try to get you back. You saw that his grandsons made it to see him for two weeks before he took to bed permanently. We’re grateful you arranged for their motel during their stay.

Special thanks to Samantha and Chris Collins for driving the boys and Lacey from DIA when they couldn’t get their flight to Colorado Springs and putting them up in your home when they couldn’t get into their motel.

We’ll try to thank you individually as we see you around town or stop by for a visit. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done.

Shirley Lambert for the Archuleta, Kapelke, Dague and Lambert families